You Can Clean Carpets With A Steam Mop?

You already know that your best steam mop is pretty good at cleaning hard floors. After all, I am sure that you use it all of the time in the kitchen and the bathroom. But I bet you didn’t know that your trusty little household utility device was also pretty good at cleaning carpets. Yes, that same steam mop that powers the dirt off of your hard floors will do the same for your carpets.

I can see right now that some of you are shaking your heads in disbelief. That you just can’t imagine that you steam mop is good at cleaning carpets. If that is the case you ask, then why do they sell carpet cleaners? To which I say, carpet cleaners are good at cleaning carpets but they are usually too big and bulky for the average person. A steam mop on the other hand provides a great level of clean and is a whole lot easier to cart around the house. While a carpet cleaner might be specifically designed at cleaning carpets, it doesn’t mean that it does a better job than modern day mops that can be found in thousands of steam mop reviews all over the Internet.

I can still see you are doubtful, so I am going to give you a few reasons why steam mops are so good at cleaning carpets. By the end of the following list I am sure you will be convinced that you should be cleaning your carpet with a steam mop instead of using a conventional carpet cleaner.

Great For Small Particles

While it is true that carpet cleaners are better for bigger messes than steam mops, I say that when it comes to most of the day-to-day cleaning, then steam mops win. That’s because these little devices are really good at picking up smaller particles such as pet hair and food spills. That is their wheel house and they will clean those messes up quickly every single time.

Easy To Transport

Steam mops are also easier to use around the house. They are smaller, lighter and don’t have that messy configuration of hoses. And to top it off, you can clean just about any area with them. You can do wall-to-wall carpeting and stair carpeting with ease.

Don’t Use A Host Of Chemicals

Another thing that makes steam mops superior to carpet cleaners is they don’t need to use a bunch of chemicals to get your carpets clean. They only have to use pure distilled water to take care of the dirt and they do it better than most carpet cleaners and their battery of hazardous chemicals.

They Pick Up More Than Dirt

The last reason why steam mops are superior to carpet cleaners is the fact that they do more than just pick up dirt. They also sanitize the carpet killing almost one hundred percent of the bacteria, viruses, dust mites and other small pests that may have found their way down into your carpet. Carpet cleaners just can’t do this and that is why the steam mop is superior to the carpet cleaner.