Wagner On-Demand 915 Pressure Steamer Review

Unimpressive looking on my first inspection, the Wagner 915 steam cleaner is a model that eventually grew on me. I got it to test it out on some of the tougher messes that were around my home. Soap scum in the bathroom, grease in the kitchen and ground in rock salt in my car’s floor mats. What I didn’t realize at the time, however, was that this was also a pretty good upholstery steamer I could use on my sofa, couch, and recliner.

After I unpacked this model, I quickly discovered that while it didn’t come with a lot of accessories, it did come with an adequate number of them. It came with 8 accessories which included a jet nozzle, squeegee, a large cleaning brush, a steaming plate and two extension wands. This steam cleaner also came with an 8-foot long hose as well.

This unit had an on-demand trigger that made it easier to use because I didn’t have to put up with a constant stream of steam always flooding out of it. I could control when and where I put the steam, which also made it a lot safer for me to use. Just in case you’re wondering, this model produced about 45-minutes of steam at a time. Not bad for a little unit like this one.

One of the things I didn’t like about it was that it didn’t have any sort of indicator telling me how much water was going to be left in the tank. As a result, the unit would end up running dry and then shutting itself off. A little-advanced warning would’ve been really handy.

Another inconvenience is that this upholstery steamer had to heat up the water during the steam cycle. A red light would blink on telling me the unit was reheating and then the green light would blink on telling me I could continue steaming. It didn’t do this too often but when it did it was annoying.

As far as cleaning upholstery, this unit did a pretty good job. It handled a number of different types of fabric, from natural to synthetic, and it cleaned them well. While it cleaned them, it also didn’t leave a lot of moisture, which is something you want from a steamer when you’re cleaning upholstery, believe me.

Overall, I thought the Wagner 915 was a good unit. While it’s a couple of additional features away from being the best steam machine, it does get good reviews and did a pretty good job on all my furniture. It’s a model that’s moderately priced and can also be used to remove wallpaper.

8.3 Total Score
Bottom Line

While it's a couple of additional features away from being the best steam machine, it did a pretty good job on all my furniture.

Ease Of Use
  • 8-foot long hose
  • Good accessory assortment
  • 45 Minutes of pressurized Steam
  • Decent model for upholstery cleaning
  • No Water Level Indicator
  • Needs to Heat Every Once In Awhile
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