Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System Review

There are two things that I noticed about the Vapamore MR-100 Primo: one, it was more expensive than other canister steam cleaners and two, it was a nice looking bright yellow color. When I received this unit, however, I immediately became fascinated with the unit itself and what it could do around my home.

From reviews, I’ve heard good things about this unit as far as upholstery cleaning is concerned. I heard that it was not only good for cleaning sofas, couches and other pieces of furniture but produced steam hot enough to kill bed bugs, so some people use it as a bed bug steamer. Since I really can’t test its effectiveness against bedbugs, I can test to see how well it does with furniture.

When it first arrived, I unpacked it and noticed that it came with a number of accessories. These included a squeegee, floor cleaning head, jet nozzle tool, Clothes & fabric tool, fabric tool cover, carpet slider, triangular corner brush, nylon grout brush, med. Nylon brush, large nylon brush, brass brush, 2-extension tubes, steam gun and hose, detail scraper, detail accessory adapter, and a microfiber floor pad. It also came with a funnel, measuring cup, storage bag for the accessories, extra o-rings and a water level dipstick. It seemed like everything I needed to clean with, so I went ahead and put this steamer to use.

I then filled it with distilled water, checked the water level with the included dipstick, tightened down the cap and turned the unit on. In about ten minutes, the green light turned on indicating that the steam cleaner was now ready to use.

I equipped the smooth surface fabric adapter with its cotton cover and went to work on the upholstery in my home. It did a fantastic job on my chair, my couch and my love seat. I even took it outside and cleaned my car upholstery with it as well. In all instances, it cleaned the surfaces perfectly.

It should be noted that the smooth surface fabric tool can be used to kill bed bugs and without the cotton cover can be used as a squeegee. The other accessories are good for a variety of projects from spot steam cleaning to jewelry cleaning to tile and grout cleaning. It even comes with a carpet slider to clean floors.

All in all, this is not only a great upholstery cleaner but is a great all around steam cleaner. It’s good for upholstery, tile, grout, as a bed bug steamer, grill racks, stoves, shower doors and just about any other tasks you can think of using it for. I think it’s a pretty great little unit, although if I did have one complaint it would be the fact that it needs to be cooled down and refilled frequently.

8.4 Total Score
Bottom Line

All in all, this is not only a great upholstery cleaner but is a great all around steam cleaner.

Ease of Use
  • Makes very hot steam
  • Can be used as a bed bug steamer
  • 60-minutes of steam time
  • Good accessory assortment
  • Variable steam pressure
  • Kind of expensive
  • Needs regular refilling
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