Vacmaster 4-Gallon Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum (VF408) Review

When I did this review of the Vacmaster 4-Gallon Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum I was already familiar with several other Vacmaster wet/dry vacs. In fact, one of them is my pick for best wet dry vacuum. Needless to say, I was quite excited to review this vac and see if it too could make it to the top of my list. Unfortunately, it just didn’t make it.

This vac had two plastic casters in the front and two big plastic wheels in the back. This gave it the mobility it needed to get around my home. It also had a 5-HP engine and a 4-gallon tank. It had a dust sealed on/off switch, a 15-foot power cord with automatic rewind and an accessory caddy that carries all of the accessories that came with it. Speaking of the accessories, the model I received came with 3 extension wands, a crevice tool, dust brush, 2-in-1 utility brush and a floor nozzle. This unit also had a 7-foot hose that had a 1.25-inch hose diameter.

Using it around the house was pretty easy. It seemed to have quite a bit of power and I had no problems cleaning up a variety of messes with it. While its capacity is a little smaller than what I would have liked, it’s certainly not the smallest unit I’ve used. However, I do have to say that it is probably one of the quietest. Sure, it’s not whisper quiet or anything like that but it certainly isn’t like the vacs I have used that sounded like jet engines.

The one thing that I didn’t like about this vac was that it was priced higher than many other models that were in its category. Not really high priced but not as inexpensive as I think it could’ve been. If I could have caught this unit on a sale or something, then I would have been really pleased. After all, it works well, it’s just the price point I don’t agree with.

All things considered, I think this is a good wet/dry vac. It’s high quality, has pretty good power and is easy to use. If you can catch it on sale, then it’s probably a model you’ll want to check out. At its regular price, however, I would recommend another product.

9.2 Total Score
Bottom Line

It's a good wet/dry vac. It's high quality, has pretty good power and is easy to use. However, at its regular price, I would recommend another product.

Ease of Use
  • Good quality
  • Works Well
  • Priced higher than comparable models
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