Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner Review

When I first unpacked the Steamfast SF-370WH, I wasn’t impressed too much by the way it looked. After all, it wasn’t the prettiest unit I’ve seen but that doesn’t really matter all that much. I’m not looking for the nicest looking steam cleaner, I’m looking for the best one, so I unpacked all of it and laid it out before me.

This steamer comes with 15 attachments. These include a jet nozzle, 2-microfiber pads, a brass utility brush, 2 extension wands, a mop head, a scrub pad, a sponge pad, a scrub tool, a squeegee, 2-nylon utility brushes and a measuring cup. A nice assortment of accessories that gave me a number of options when it came to getting down to the cleaning.

The next thing that I did was that I filled the unit’s 45-ounce tank and started the heat-up process. Much to my surprise, this steamer heated up rather quickly—taking only about 8-minutes to reach full steam. I was then able to take it on a tour of my house and see how it cleaned.

I used it to clean the tile and grout in my bathroom, my glass shower door and on some of the carpets around my house. Each project it performed fairly well and did a good job of cleaning the surface in question. My only complaint in this area is that I didn’t feel the steam was as dry as it could’ve been. While it wasn’t a constant problem, sometime it would “spit” water during a cleaning job.

As far as cleaning time goes, I got about 45-minutes of steam time out of this unit. Which is about half the time I got out of the Steamfast SF-375 Deluxe. That unit could clean about twice as long as this one. Of course, the  SF-375 Deluxe is a bit more expensive than this unit as well.

One thing I really liked about this steamer was that it had a nice long power cord – about 15.4-feet long. This gave me plenty of cord to take this unit around my house and reach everything I needed to reach.

8.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

Each project it performed fairly well and did a good job of cleaning the surface in question.

Ease of Use
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Steam-on-demand
  • High pressure
  • Long power cord
  • Large amount of accessories
  • 45-minutes of steam
  • Steam not as dry as it could be
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