Steam Mops Are Perfect For Cleaning Grease

You probably consider your kitchen to be the hub of your household. It is not only where you keep your food and cook it, but it is often a place where members of the family spend time talking or socializing. Therefore, it is probably your top priority to keep it as clean as possible. Unfortunately, the fact that you spend so much time cooking and socializing in this room usually means that the floor is covered in quite a bit of grease and grime. In the past, that would mean spending countless hours scrubbing the grease off of your floors, counter tops and appliances.  A process that just isn’t time consuming but also back breaking as well.

However, times have changed. Now you no longer have to spend so much time and work removing grease from your kitchen surfaces. That’s because your best steam mop can handle the job for you. It will not only make it easier to remove grease from your kitchen surfaces, but it will also make it a whole lot easier. Just follow the tips below and before you know it, all of the grease from this room will be gone like magic.

Step One: Setting Up

Be sure that your steam mop is in good working order. Make sure that it is filled with distilled water (you should never use tap water in your steam mop) and there isn’t any limescale deposits on it. If there is, then be sure to thoroughly clean your steam mop and place a new pad on it before you begin.

If you don’t happen to own a steam mop, then now is a good time to look through some steam mop reviews and find a model that fits your needs. The price of steam mops are at a historic low and there are some really good deals available for these units,

Step Two: The Pre-Treatment

Before you actually steam mop your greasy surfaces, then you might want to make sure that you pre-treat the area first. You can do this by mixing together equal parts of bicarbonate soda and vinegar together and then applying it evenly over the floor. Once you have it applied, you should leave it on the floor for approximately a half hour. Then take a scrub brush and loosen it slightly. When that is done, you can then proceed on cleaning the greasy surface.

Step Three: Removing The Grease

Now you can begin steam mopping. What you might want to do is to divide your surface into imaginary sections and concentrate on cleaning those sections one at a time. This will make is easier to remember where you’re at in the cleaning process and will prevent you from missing any areas.

That is all there is to getting the grease off of most kitchen surfaces. Using your steam mop requires very little elbow grease and will ensure that the center of your home remains looking its best.