Steam Cleaning Outside Your Home

Looking over steam cleaner reviews, I have noticed that people use these superb cleaning machines for just about every project in the house. They clean everything from their living room carpets to their kitchen tiles and even their windows. Which has prompted me to do the same thing in my household. Now I use these fantastic devices all over my home. And recently, I have even begun to use them outside my home. That’s how much I love them.

If you didn’t know steam cleaners could be used outside your home, then don’t worry. I don’t think that a lot of people realize that these machines can not only tackle the toughest indoor household messes, but they can also tackle tough cleaning projects on the deck and in the garage. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that these devices can be utilized outside, shall we?

The BBQ Grill

One of the toughest jobs I have to tackle at the end of every summer is cleaning the BBQ grill. By the time I have finished the season, my grill is caked with all kinds of gooey particles. Everything from charred pieces of meat to the sticky glaze left over by my liberal use of barbecue sauce. All of which is a pain to clean, especially with traditional cleaning methods.

Like most people, I would go out there with my steel brush and spend countless hours trying to chip away at this disgusting mess. Which didn’t work out too well. Fortunately, I have now discovered a better way. Now all I do is open the top of my grill off and let my steam cleaner tackle the job. I just take the nozzle of my machine – attach the stiff brush to the end of it – and scrub the grill thoroughly. The heat from the steam melts the grease and then all I have to do is to take a paper towel and wipe it clean. My grill has never been cleaner.

Detailing The Car

I used to take my car to my car dealer to clean it up, but I don’t do that anymore. Not since I found out that my steam cleaner can do the job quicker and a whole lot cheaper. Want to know how? Here are some of the best steam cleaner tips I have for detailing the outside of the car.

Attach your steam hose and put some soap on the end of it and you can clean your tires and rims just like a professional. The steam loosens all of the oil, dirt and grime from them and you simply have to take a dry towel to finish it up.

I also use the various attachments on my machine to clean out the vents, the ashtray and the cup holder in my car. They allow me to clean these hard-to-reach areas that would be impossible to clean otherwise.

Of course, the cleaner can also be used on the carpets and the seats of the car. And when you are finished with the inside of the car you can even clean the car’s windows. This little tip has saved me a ton of cash over the past year, as well as a lot of time.