Shark SK460 Steam & Spray Professional

The Shark SK460 Steam & Spray Professional is a Shark steam cleaner that has a couple of innovative design features, although you wouldn’t really realize that fact at first glance. It’s only after you start using it do you realize that this thing can do some things other steam mops can’t do. Of course, a steam cleaner being innovative doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be good at what cleaning. The only way to find that out is to put a cleaner through its paces – which is what I did in this review you’re reading. Let’s see what this steam mop can and can’t do.

The first thing I noticed about it after I had assembled it, was that it weighed around 10.6-pounds. While that doesn’t make it the heaviest steam mop I’ve seen, it is quite a bit heavier than many of its competitors. However, while I was using it, I really didn’t notice its extra weight. It did a pretty good job at gliding across the floor.

Another thing I noticed was that it had a 22-foot power cord. Which is comparable with other steam mops on the market today. Having a decent-sized cord just makes it so much easier to reach every corner of my house and I was glad this unit had a nice long cord. You can also detach the power-cord and use it without the steam and with just the spray. This was a convenient feature to have.

This mop allowed you to clean in a number of different ways. It can be set to “Dust Mode” “Mop Mode” or “Scrub Mode.” You can go cordless and just use a cleaning solution with this unit, as I just described, or you can use it in 2 other ways: you can use only steam on the floor or you can use a steam/cleaning solution combination.

While I like the fact that I could use it in a variety of different ways, I felt like this unit’s performance could’ve been better. With what this unit could do with a cleaning & steam solution combination, I have seen other steam mops accomplish with just steam. Which is a shame because I was hoping this features wouldn’t be a gimmick but would enhance this unit’s cleaning capabilities.

The Shark SK460 Steam & Spray Professional is a steam mop that can travel to just about any corner of your home. And while it does an okay job at cleaning, it just doesn’t deliver enough power to justify its price tag.

8 Total Score
Bottom Line

Ease of Use
  • Sanitizes
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Long power cord
  • Kind of expensive
  • Expected more cleaning power
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