Shark S3973D Lift Away Pro Pocket Mop

The Shark S3973D Lift Away Pro Pocket Mop is a 2-in-1 Shark steam cleaner that not only works like a steam mop but also has a removable handheld steamer that could be used for a variety of different jobs – all above the floor. But more on that later. Let’s see just how well this unit performs in daily cleaning tasks, shall we?

Unpacking it, I noticed that this steam mop came with a triangular mop head, a 3-foot hose, and a garment steaming tool. I also noticed that this whole system weighed almost 14-pounds, which is a bit on the heavy side for a steam mop. And once you fill up the 16.9-ounce water tank on this unit, you can expect it to be a bit heavier.

As far as cleaning floors go, this unit does a really good job. I was able to mop several different surfaces in my home and these included everything from my vinyl floors to my sealed wood floors to my ceramic tile floors. It did all three without problems.

You can set this unit to “Dust Mode,” “Mop Mode,” or “Scrub Mode.” And if you flip the head of the unit while you are cleaning the floors, you can set off the “Steam Blaster,” a feature which fires off a jet of steam to remove heavy stains. And that works pretty well, too. Okay, maybe I’m not quite giving it the credit it deserves. It worked better than pretty well. It did a great job at handling my floors using the appropriate setting.

But what I really want to talk about in this review is the removable hand-held steamer. This thing is pretty ingenious, in my opinion. You just snap it off the main unit and you can use it for a variety of different jobs. You can use it as a garment steamer and you can get the wrinkles out of your drapes. You can also use the 3-foot hose and scrubber head to clean a variety of different surfaces such as walls or maybe the outside of your microwave.

Overall, I think this unit is more than a competent steam mop/hand-held unit. It could clean a variety of different surfaces and it could do it very well. However, what prevents this unit from becoming a top steam cleaner is the fact that it’s kind of heavy and kind of expensive. Otherwise, it would be competing for a higher slot on my list.

8.2 Total Score
Bottom Line

Ease of Use
  • Great cord length for a pocket mop
  • Cleans well
  • Detachable hand-held
  • Kind of expensive
  • Kind of heavy
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