Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) Review

When I first saw the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D), I thought it looked a lot like the Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501). Sure, it had a smaller looking mid-section but it still looked like it’s older and cheaper brother. However, sometimes looks can be deceiving.

It’s 51.2 inches long and has a mop head that is about 12 inches wide. It has an extra-long tank that holds 15 ounces of water and uses 2-sided pocket pads. With all of these features similar to the (S3501), you would think that these were just 2 identical models. They aren’t though and the proof is in the use and features of this unit.

One of the big differences is the pads this one uses seem to be a bit higher quality. They not only feel more durable but they also have what you could consider little fingers – extra material like a shag carpet is probably another way to put. This allows the pads to scrub the floor better than the previous model. I’m still not a fan of the pocket pads, but since I’ve gotten used to them, they aren’t as hard to attach to the mop head as they once were. Plus, these pads can be used on one side and then flipped over and used on the other side. So you can say that I’m softening to the use of pocket pads and are beginning to see their positive side.

Another thing that makes it different from the previous model is that you don’t have to pump it. One of the biggest annoyances of the S3501 was that you had to push in the telescoping handle to get a dose of steam. With this one you don’t. That’s because the steam is always on. Sure, I’m not a big fan of always-on steam either. It often means you have to continuously plug and unplug the unit. However, it does have its benefits too. I didn’t have to struggle to get a dose of steam and I don’t have to constantly hold down a trigger. That makes it a bit better.

I did like the fact that this unit came with two quick release mop heads. You get a rectangular one for just cleaning the floor straight-on and then there’s a triangular one that can fit into corners. This improved the range and the usefulness of this unit by a whole lot.

What I really liked about this unit is that you can set it to one of three different levels of steam. You can set it to “dust” and basically just use the unit like a broom. Using it in this way puts down a minimum of steam, which means the floors dry a whole lot quicker. The second setting is “mop” and that puts down more steam and a little more water. This allowed me to pick up more dirt and power through some light stains. The final setting is “scrub” and it provides the most intense level of steam. I found that is really powers through stains, and I have no doubt that it sanitizes to a 99.99% sanitation level. However, when I used this setting I found that it sometimes left streaks on the floor or made the floor look dull. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the pad is thick and doesn’t get moist enough.

However, for the most part, I think the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) did a pretty good job on all of my floors – on the ceramic tile, the linoleum and the sealed hardwood. Its swivel head moved around and underneath my cabinets very well and the steam was pretty hot. It couldn’t get the ground-in dirt in my tile grout, at least not with the included attachments.

Overall, I think the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) is a pretty decent steam mop. While it’s a little more expensive than I would like it to be, it does a very good job with day-to-day cleaning. It would be nice if the sanitation feature didn’t streak as often as it does, but that doesn’t happen every single time. I think for the most part most people would like how well this steam mop works.

8.4 Total Score
Bottom Line

While it's a little more expensive than I would like it to be, it does a very good job with day-to-day cleaning.

Ease Of Use
  • Extra-large capacity tank
  • Very quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Pads are reversible
  • 3 Levels of Steam
  • Reaches corners and under cabinets
  • Kind of expensive
  • Steam is always on
  • Sometimes streaks or dulls floor surface during santitation
  • Doesn't clean grout
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