Pure Clean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner-1500 Watt Steam Cleaning System Review

Weighing approximately ten pounds and designed as a heavy-duty steam canister system, the Pure Clean XL 1500 Rolling Steam Cleaner is a good model for taking care of chores around the house. It comes with about eighteen accessories which are designed to tackle a number of different jobs in and around your home. These accessories include a mop head, five different nylon utility brushes, two microfiber mop pads, a squeegee, a funnel, a measuring cup and two extension wands. It also comes with a scrub pad and a brass utility brush for really tough jobs.

The dimensions of this unit are about 15.7-inches by 11-inches by 13-inches and it comes with an easy-reach sixteen-foot power cord. This power-cord length makes it easy to service each room without having to plug in and unplug the unit a bunch of times. Another thing that makes this unit easy to use is its quick startup time. About ten minutes after filling it with water, it can have hot steam available to work on the particular task you need it to take on.

I decided to take this unit towards my bathroom and see what it could do and that is when I was hit with the first disadvantage this unit may have. The hose length and extension of this unit was short enough that I often felt like I had to stretch to reach the tile in my bathroom shower. Which is really a shame because this was one of the best steam cleaner units I had used up to that point. It did, however, redeem itself a little bit by providing me with about 45-minutes of hot steam. More than enough for me to clean my entire bathroom – from the shower to the sink to the walls.

Since it passed the first test with flying colors, I decided to go ahead and test it out on a few more surfaces. I decided to clean my stove with it and then refresh my carpet. I refilled it, warmed it back up and went to work on the stove. I noticed that it pulled up all of the grease spots that were caked on the stove, all without so much of a hitch. I then wheeled it into the living room and tried it out on my carpet.

On my carpet, I was able to use it in a number of ways. I was able to lift some pretty big pet stains out of the carpet and I was also able to refresh it when I was done with stain-lifting. On both fronts, this cleaner did a great job. It’s the kind of cleaner I wouldn’t mind recommending to my friends.

8.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

On all fronts, this cleaner did a great job. It's the kind of cleaner I wouldn't mind recommending to my friends.

Ease of Use
  • Power cord is nice length
  • Delivers a nice amount of steam
  • Has a nice, long power cord
  • Heats up quickly
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Hose is too short
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