Properly Descaling Your Steam Cleaner

I have made it my life’s work to pour over steam cleaner reviews to find out about not only the best units on the market today but to also find the best tips on using this amazing device around the house. And while I have received all types of useful advice on its use, I think one of the best tips anyone has ever given me was how to properly take care of my steam cleaner. It has allowed me to keep my unit performing as well as possible and has also allowed me to extend its useful life.

A lot of people know that you have to maintain your house and car. If you don’t, then you risk incurring bigger damages that could cost you a lot of money in the end. Yet many people don’t think twice about that amazing little device they have parked in their closet or pantry. A machine that does so much. Just like any other machine in your house, regular maintenance on your steam cleaner is very important to its functioning. That is why I am going to share with one of the best steam cleaner maintenance tips I could find. How to descale your steam cleaner unit.

Descaling Your Steam Cleaner

If you live in an area with hard water, as many people do all around the world, and don’t use distilled water in your unit, then you are going to want to descale it on a regular basis. Of course, it is advisable to never put hard tap water into your machine in the first place, but I understand that it is not always possible or convenient to use distilled water. So if hard water has been used in your cleaner, then be sure to follow these steps to descale it:

  • It is always best to use a commercial descaling solution in your cleaner. If you can’t find one or don’t want to buy one, then you can make your own by mixing a quart of water with 1 to 2 ounces of baking soda. This is the solution you are going to be using to descale your machine.
  • Take this solution and add it into your cleaner.
  • Put the cap on firmly, plug the machine in and turn it on so it can begin heating up.
  • Once the unit has heated up, then let it continue to warm for approximately 2 hours.
  • After it has sat for the requisite amount of time, then use it for approximately one minute.
  • Turn it off, unplug it and allow it to sit for about 4 hours.
  • After it has cooled down, empty it out.
  • Now flush clean, distilled water through it and replace all tanks. You have now descaled your steam cleaner!

If you follow these eight steps on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, then you can rest assured that your unit will not only function better, but that it will continue to work for you longer than it normally would. In fact, I have seen the life of many cleaners extended by an extra three or four years by following a proper descaling regimen.