Maintaining Your Steam Mop

Your steam mop can be used to clean a variety of different surfaces. It can clean tile, marble, walls, appliances, and even carpet. Tasks that it performs effortlessly and easily, as long as you keep it properly maintained. If you don’t keep it properly maintained, then it can take longer to do the job in which it was designed and may even break down. The best steam mop in the world will never live up to its potential if it isn’t take care of in the proper fashion.

Fortunately, taking care of your steam mop is a pretty simple proposition. All it takes is a little foresight and a little bit of time. Just do the simple things to your steam mop that needs to be done and it will perform its best on every job. And not only will it work better but it will also last longer. In effect, what proper maintenance does for your mop is to ensure that it works as well as the steam mop reviews say it does. Below are some of the tips you’ll need to follow to maintain your steam mop properly.

Check Your Pads

You should check your pads after each cleaning to make sure that they don’t have a buildup of dirt and grease on them. If they are dirty, then detach them from your mop and soak them in a solution of water and liquid detergent. Be sure that you don’t use powdered detergents because they can leave particles on the pads which might be harmful to them.

Eventually, cleaning isn’t going to be enough however, and you will have to replace them because the pads have become frayed. When you replace them, be sure to use only pads that are designed to go with your particular steam mop.

Remove Mineral Deposits

If hard water deposits begin to form on your steam mop, then be sure to clean it with a descaling unit authorized for use by your steam mop’s manufacturer. In the future, use distilled water so that these hard water deposits don’t keep returning.

Only Use Water

The only thing that should be placed into your steam mop is water. No cleaning chemicals or compounds should ever be added to the unit under any circumstances. Adding chemicals to your steam mop will not only interfere with its cleaning ability, but it may also damage it and void the warranty.

Properly Put Your Steam Mop Away

After each use you should unplug your steam mop and prepare it for storage. This usually involves removing the cleaning pad and emptying out the water tank. Once you have done that, you should wipe the outside of the steam mop off and store it in a secure location.

Follow the above steps and your steam mop will give you years of faithful service. If you don’t keep these maintenance tips in mind, then you need to realize that you are taking the life of your steam mop into your hands and effectively shortening it. A tough statement to be sure, but one that has to be said.