How To Correctly Use A Steam Mop

One thing that I’ve learned over the course of my life is that people will spend a considerable amount of time shopping for a steam mop and checking out steam mop reviews, but won’t spend the time to learn how to use this amazing device effectively. A steam mop is one of the most useful cleaning items in the world, but if you don’t take the time to learn how to use it properly, then you simply aren’t going to get much benefit out of it. Which is why I have decided to write this article. This is a simple guide that will allow steam mop owners, or potential owners as the case may be, get the most out of their steam mop.

Step One: Preparation Is The Key

The first thing that needs to be done before the floor is steam mopped is vacuuming. This step might seem a little basic, but you can’t imagine how many people skip this step. If you try to steam mop your floor before it is vacuumed, then you have to know that the mop isn’t going to be able to effectively do its job. Even the best steam mop in the world can’t clean the floor if there is an inch of hair, dust and dirt all over it. So be sure to thoroughly vacuum before using your steam mop.

Now to be fair, I know that a lot of people skip vacuuming because they have a combination vacuum/steam mop and think they can just do it in one pass. But I have two things to say about that. One, you would have to use the vacuum on the unit first and then use the steam feature. It can’t be done all in one pass. And two, using a full-size vacuum to do the floor instead of the combination vacuum usually results in better results. In other words, it gets more stuff off of the floor.

Step Two: Use More Than One Pad

Another mistake people make when they steam mop is to try to reuse the same pad over and over again. This really isn’t advisable because all you are going to end up doing is to smear the dirt you picked up the last time and redistribute back to the floor. Steam mop pads are pretty inexpensive, so there really is no reason to keep reusing the same pad over again.

Step Three: Use It The Way Intended

The last point I want to emphasize is that the steam mop is a general maintenance tool. What I mean by that is that it is designed to maintain a clean floor. It isn’t designed to cut through a half ton of mud or for use on really dirty floors. Its purpose is to keep the floors clean. Therefore, when you first receive your steam mop you should clean your floors the way you’ve always done it for the first cleaning, and then use the steam mop to maintain that clean.  That will give you the performance you desire.