Hoover Pet Plus Carpet Washer Detergent-32 Ounce Bottle Review

Hoover Pet Plus Carpet Washer Detergent is a carpet cleaning solution that’s supposed to be catered to the kinds of messes that pet owners can expect. Since I own pets that often leave messes, I wanted to try this product out and see how well it cleaned. Here are my results.

The first thing that I liked about this carpet cleaning product is that it’s inexpensive yet comes in a pretty good size 32-ounce bottle. Which was kind of a surprise to me at first. After all, it seems like over the last few years, carpet cleaning products have been getting more and more expensive.

I put this solution in my carpet cleaning machine, following all directions of course, and proceeded to clean up some of the pet stains that my pets just so happened to leave for me. My puppy must have known that I was doing a review because he left an especially big mess for me to clean up. 😉

On most of the pet stains I cleaned up using my cleaner and this solution, it did a good job. It got the majority of the stains out with the exception of one ground-in stain that had somehow gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, it didn’t do so great with the smell.

While this product had a nice cotton breeze scent, it didn’t cover up or remove the smell of my puppy’s messes. It just wasn’t strong enough. So I have to say that while this is a good stain remover, it doesn’t do anything for odor and isn’t the best carpet stain remover I’ve found. A shame since I had such high hopes for this product.

8.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

It didn't remove the smell of my puppy's messes. It just wasn't strong enough. While this is a good stain remover, it doesn't do anything for odor and isn't the best carpet stain remover I've found.

  • Inexpensive
  • Concentrated
  • Removes some pet stains
  • Doesn't help with some pet odors
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