Dupray One Steam Cleaner Review

From the moment I saw the Dupray One Steam Cleaner, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with it. This European steam cleaner not only looks really nice but is also built to exacting standards that you don’t frankly see in a lot of other steamers. For instance, the outer body and accessories for this model are designed from high-impact plastic but the boiler in it is a stainless steel double boiler that should provide many years of service.

This unit measured about 17-inches long, 12.5-inches wide and 11-inches high. It weighs about 10-pounds and has a 16-foot long power cord. On the right side of the unit is a pressure gauge, a knob to turn it on and set it and a “low water” indicator and a “steam ready” indicator.

It came with sixteen accessories which really give you a good range of options when it comes to cleaning. These accessories include 2-small nylon brushes, 1-small brass brush, 1-microfiber cloth, 2-extension tubes, 1-window tool, 1-triangular tool, 1-triangular tool microfiber pad, 1-rectangular floor tool, 1-rectangular tool pad, 1-plunger tool, 1-funnel, 2-connectors, and 1-lance.

I put water into its 1.15-liter (1.21-quart) boiler and turned it on. In about 8-minutes I had steam that was not only hot but super hot – the temperature of the steam being around 303-degrees or so. I didn’t measure the temperature myself but that’s what the unit claims and judging from how hot the steam was, I’d say that I have to believe them.

Why is it important that the steam was super heated? Well, for a couple of reasons. For one, it means it sanitizes better than most other steamers and two, it means that it can power through a lot tougher messes. It also means that the steam is really, really dry. Which is just perfect for cleaning upholstery.

Of course, it can also clean a variety of other surfaces as well. It was great on tile, on surfaces with caked on grease and other things. I tried to use it on my carpets as well, but I didn’t like using it for that purpose. I could clean my carpet with it but it really isn’t designed for that particular purpose.

The one thing that I really didn’t like about this model was its price. It was a lot more expensive than other steam cleaners on the market. Which is probably due to the amount of labor they put into these steamers. It really was one of the best-made steam cleaners I’ve used. It’s definitely worth owning if you can afford the price-tag.

8.5 Total Score
Bottom Line

It really was one of the best-made steam cleaners I've used. It's definitely worth owning if you can afford the price-tag.

Ease of Use
  • Well made
  • Very durable
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Super hot steam
  • Good accessory assortment
  • Safety features
  • Not the best model for carpets
  • Very expensive
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