BISSELL Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner 46B4 Review

In my lifetime, I’ve used a variety of steam cleaners. Some of them worked great and some of them didn’t work as well. Today, I am going to find out exactly where the BISSELL Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner 46B4 falls on the list. Let’s take a look at this all-in-one steamer and see just how it performs.

With most steam mops you really have to make sure the floor is thoroughly swept or vacuumed. However, that isn’t the case with this model. Like all of the rest of the all-in-ones, it can vacuum and then steam mop the floor. And it can do it fairly easily.

Once I had received this product, I unpacked and put it together. Within a few minutes, I had it together and was ready to use it on my floors. But before I even began to use it, I noticed a couple of good things about it. One, it’s really lightweight. At least 30% lighter than comparable all-in-one steamers. The second thing I noticed was that it had a really generous cord – 30 feet! That’s long enough to reach just about every room on my first floor without a whole lot of outlet hopping. Which saves quite a bit of time.

I filled the tank with water and started my cleaning on the linoleum floor in my kitchen. Immediately, I noticed my first problem – this unit didn’t vacuum as well as I had hoped. Sure, it picked up most of the debris I had put down on my floor to test it out, but it still left about 5-10 % of the dirt. The vacuum, I’m afraid, is just not powerful enough.

I then decided to take it into the living room and see how it does on my carpets. There, it did more than an adequate job. I noticed that the steam really got intense and I could clearly see that it was sanitizing the heck out of my carpet. It powered through caked-on coffee stains and dirt, and it did it without so much of a hiccup. On that point, I really have to give it an A+.

However, I have to be honest here. When it came to picking up the pet hair from my dog, it really didn’t do so well. Evidently, when I tried to vacuum it up, some of it stayed near the mop head. Therefore, when I gave it a dose of steam, it got soggy and just became a big mess.

All that steam cleaning in the living room must have dampened the pad too much because when I tried to dry sweep my living room floor it didn’t work. I guess if you go from steam cleaning to dry sweeping, then you are going to have to change out the pad. It might not seem like a big deal but it could lead to a bit more work. If you purchase this steamer, just make sure you dry sweep all of your surfaces before you do any steaming – unless you like needlessly changing the pad.

Another thing that bothered me about this all-in-one steamer is that you have to continuously hold down the trigger. Which isn’t really that unusual. However, holding down the trigger was a little more difficult than it should have been, resulting in cramps in my hand while I was using. It would have been nice if it had some sort of way to lock the trigger for when you have to steam for long periods.

One thing that I really liked about the BISSELL Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner 46B4 is its swivel head. I could reach every single corner of my carpet without a problem. Even around furniture legs, it was extremely agile. I found that it worked exceptionally well in the corners and I just can’t give it enough praise on its maneuverability. Especially in conjunction with the extra-long cord.

In conclusion, I think that the BISSELL Steam & Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner 46B4 certainly has a great price point, maneuvers easily and does an excellent job steaming. However, I also find that its vacuuming features leave a whole lot to be desired. If you’re okay with a budget steamer that steams well but doesn’t vacuum as well as it should, then this is the all-in-one for you. If you’re looking for one with better than average vacuuming, then you should probably look elsewhere.

7.4 Total Score
Bottom Line

If you're okay with a budget steamer that steams well but doesn't vacuum as well as it should, then this is the all-in-one for you.

Ease Of Use
  • 30 foot cord
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Steam is hot
  • Swivel mop head
  • Holding down trigger can lead to hand cramps
  • Vacuum is not very powerful
  • Dry sweep feature can be a problem
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