BISSELL Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner, 39N7A/39N71 Review

The next portable steam cleaner up for review is the BISSELL Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner. When I first saw this portable steamer I thought that it had a nice design, so I decided to get it and see if it works as well as it looks. The following are the results that I obtained using this product.

When I first got it and opened the frustration free packaging, I noticed that this unit came with a variety of accessories. Accessories which included an accessory nozzle, extension hose, flat scraping tool, grout brush, fabric steamer, window squeegee, angle concentrator, and detail brush. I also noticed that this unit was considerable heavier than other handheld steam cleaners. A factor that came into play as I started cleaning with it for a while.

Once I had put the prescribed amount of water into it – which was 6.6 ounces of water – I inserted the lid, plugged it in and waited 3 minutes to allow it to warm up. After the 3 minutes, I then took it into the bathroom and began to clean my shower’s grout.

Its 16-foot cord really came in handy while I was cleaning my grout, too. You see, there’re no outlets in my bathroom – none at all, if you can believe it – which means that I have to plug everything into the outlet that is in the hall. Fortunately, this steamer’s cord was long enough to plug it in and still use it effectively in the shower stall. How did it perform, you’re wondering? It did great! I managed to get all of the grout clean with a minimum of fuss. And it not only cleaned out the grout but was able to get off the hard water stains on my tile. Which is no small accomplishment because the hard water in my area is pretty bad.

The next thing I tried cleaning was alongside my electric stove. I hadn’t cleaned it as often as I should have and there is a bit of grease stuck to the side of it (probably from my misadventures making fried chicken). Anyway, it’s the sort of stuck-on grease that you would normally have to scrape off. Fortunately, I had this steam cleaner to give me a hand.

It only took a few seconds and this steamer had softened the grease enough for me to wipe it off. While this steamer doesn’t get as hot as some handheld steamers, it was hot enough to handle most of the dirt, grease and grime I pitted against it. It even worked spot cleaning my linoleum floor.

Carrying the BISSELL Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner around my house for about 15 minutes soon made me realize that this steamer is not as ergonomic as it should be. Because it weighs about 30-40% more than other handheld steamers, as well as the way you have to carry it to push the trigger (located on top of the handle), then it can really tire out your grip. It’s not a huge concern, but one to think about.

However, while the design I had originally liked turned against me somewhat, I did enjoy how easy this steamer made my day-to-day chores. I was able to refresh my drapes, clean out the grout in my bathroom tile, clean the fabric on my couch and clean windows. It was capable of handling so many jobs, they should have put multi-purpose in the title. I can’t think of a job that you couldn’t use this steamer on. It wasn’t as easy to use as it should’ve been, but it will get the job done.

All in all, while I wished it had been lighter and easier to handle, I think the BISSELL Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner did the cleaning part to perfection. Not only could it clean a variety of surfaces – making it truly a multi-purpose steamer – but after the initial 20 minutes of steam had exhausted, it was able to cool down quickly so it could be refilled as soon as possible between jobs. It’s definitely a cleaner that could be used all over the home and garage.

7.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

All in all, while I wished it had been lighter and easier to handle, I think it did the cleaning part to perfection. Definitely, a cleaner that could be used all over the home.

Ease Of Use
  • Steam is very hot
  • Extra long power cord
  • Heats up in under 3 minutes
  • 20 minutes continuous steam
  • Cleans a variety of surfaces
  • Cools down quickly
  • Kind of bulky
  • Not ergonomic
  • Is a bit heavy
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