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BISSELL Spot Clean Professional 3624 Review

When I first saw the BISSELL Spot Clean Professional 3624, I didn’t know what to think about it. It was a small unit that sort of looked like a helmet with a hose on it. However, once I started using it, I realized that while it may be sort of funny looking, it does an amazing job spot cleaning my carpets and upholstery.

One of the first things I noticed about this unit was that it had a 22-foot power cord – long than most of the other portable carpet cleaners I’ve seen so far. This really allowed me to reach every single corner of my house that I needed to reach. This is important to me because, as you may know from my other reviews, some of my outlets are located in odd locations.

The next thing that I noticed about this BISSELL was that it weighed a little over 13-pounds and had a nice carrying handle. This made it easy for me to take from place to place. I also liked the fact that the tanks, both clean and dirty water, had handles on them that allowed me to carry them to the sink to be either filled or emptied. And since these tanks had flat bottoms, I could just set them on the floor or the counter. And speaking of the tank, it could hold a lot of water – just about 3/4th of a gallon. That means that I could spend more time cleaner and less time filling up the tanks. Which is really a blessing.

As far as cleaning goes, I really do have to say that this is the best portable carpet cleaner. At least, it’s the best one among the non-steam cleaners. After all, this unit doesn’t use steam – it uses a combination of water and solution to get the job done. However, that seemed to be enough to pick up the stains I had on my carpet and on my couch.

I had a coffee stain in the corner of my bedroom, by my dresser, that evidently was left by my husband because I don’t drink coffee in our room, so I really don’t know how long it has been there. But evidently, that didn’t matter because the Spot Clean Professional 3624 cleaned it up with no problems whatsoever. It also did a pretty good job cleaning some dirt out of my sofa and love seat. It just powered right through it leaving those surfaces not only cleaner but smelling nice as well.

Of course, no piece of equipment is without its flaws – at least, not in my experience, and that was the case with this unit as well. As I used it I noticed that it was extremely loud. A lot louder than I felt that it should’ve been.

Overall, I think that while this unit may be loud, it’s still one of the best spot carpet cleaners on the market today and I would definitely recommend it.

8.8 Total Score
Bottom Line

While this unit may be loud, it's still one of the best spot carpet cleaners on the market today and I would definitely recommend

Ease of Use
  • Cleans well
  • Large capacity tank
  • Well built
  • 22-foot power cord
  • 2-year warranty
  • Little loud
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