BISSELL Power Fresh Deluxe 1806 Steam Mop

The BISSELL Power Fresh Deluxe 1806 Steam Mop is a steam mop that I had wanted to review for some time before I actually got the chance to do so. I saw several commercials for it, so I knew it was going to be the next BISSELL steam cleaner that I reviewed, so I was smiling ear-to-ear when I finally received it and got the chance to put it to the test.

The first thing I did was to assemble it – which was pretty easy – and then I filled it up with distilled water. And that is when I noticed that this unit didn’t have a removable tank. No, you have to pour in the water using the cup that came with it. This made it easy to fill but made it somewhat difficult to empty, but more on that later.

The next thing I noticed is that it had variable steam control, which is pretty nice and allows for the amount of steam to be customized to the mess it’s being used on. However, the bad thing is that there were only 2-settings. There was a “High” setting and a “Low” setting. Unfortunately, there was no middle setting.

Pushing it around my house, I noticed that it did a pretty good job of cleaning. I used it on a variety of floors. I used it on my wood floors (Yes, they are sealed) and on my ceramic floors. I didn’t use it on my vinyl floors because I was afraid that it would dull the surface since the steam that comes out is pretty hot.

It did a great job on my ceramic floors. A great feature about this unit is that it can come apart, revealing a scrub brush that can be used on crevices and tile grout. I think most people will love using it on their tile grout – as long as they’re reasonable and realize that it isn’t a miracle worker. It just won’t do the heavy-duty grout cleaning a steam canister might do, although it does do a pretty good job on its own.

Another thing I like about this steam mop is that you can use scent pads in it. You can place a scent pad in the unit and that produces a nice scent on your floors – mild, yet distinctive. However, you can also place a scent pad in the mop pad itself and that gives you a stronger scent.

Now let me come back to that tank that can’t be removed. Like I said, it’s super-easy to fill, but you better be sure you use up all of the water in the tank because if you don’t and you have to dump the residual water, then it can be a real pain. Just something to consider.

Overall, I think this steam mop is pretty great. It’s lightweight, is fairly powerful and can cut through a variety of different messes – both small ones and larger ones. It’s definitely a unit that would be useful around the house.

8.7 Total Score
Bottom Line

Ease of Use
  • Sanitizes
  • Lightweight
  • Variable steam control
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long cleaning time
  • Only 2 steam settings
  • Water tank isn't removable
  • May leave excess water on floor
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